Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weezy F. Junkie Baby Gets Release Date!

Looks like everyones favorite pill poppin syrup sipper has got a release date! With the heat that is "Lollipop" looks like May 13, 2008 is gonna be right on time.
Dj predicition......drum roll please.......2 weeks and Lollipop is gonna be @ the top of the Hot 100 and making waves on the CHR Top 40 charts! Lookout Usher and Jeezy here comes Weezy! Its really too bad Static Major dropped some of his best heat right after his death. How so it goes.

So what do you guys think? Will Weezy F. solidify his claims of "best rapper alive" or will he fail to deliver a cohesive album yet again?


DJ E-V said...

im the best rapper!

Anonymous said...

Why does lil wayne look like the anti christ in the lolipop video? I felt uncomortable watching it =(
Tr0p Montana

omar styles said...

yo this song iz raw!! throw this shit on with a p.y.t and in no time she gone be stripping lol!!