Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Watch My Feet!!!

Check out these Phantom mirage Airforce 90s!! Sick right? These are from the "Death from Above" Pack available March 30th @ 10pm exclusively @ Royalfam in NYC! Get your tents and sleeping bags out and you MIGHT get a pair!!

Props to the homies over @ hypebeast.com on these kicks!

Update: Upon looking at these more.....I find them absolutely hideous. I apologize for subjecting you guys to these.


Big Gear said...

Look at that shoe....as ugly as it is. Now picture that in a Size 16.....looks like kermit the frog just puked lol.

But they will sell out bc ppl are mindless pawns lol

Respect on the post though lol

DJ E-V said...

ya i dont like them,

they went a lil over board.