Wednesday, July 08, 2009

BET Must Have Mixtape: Dat Kid From Cleveland


So this comes as a bit of a surprise to me, but at the same time it doesn’t. BET published a “13 Must Have Mixtapes” column on their website and listed me and DJ E-V’s mixtape “Dat Kid From Cleveland” at #9 as one of those must haves. BET had this to say:
Dat Kid From Cleveland - Kid Cudi continues to keep his buzz up with this mixtape. Featuring the hit single, “Make Her Say” with Kanye West and Common, this is one mixtape that shouldn’t be missed.

Thank you? The thing is, this wasn’t released by Cudi or anyone in his camp. I’m not posting this to brag, I’m posting it to make a point.It’s total grass roots mixtape between me and DJ E-V to help promote Kid Cudi and his music. The other tapes are official from artists like Wale, J. Cole, The Cool Kids, Big Sean etc. We just had a conversation on the mixtape last night. It’s at some where around (approximately) 150k downloads thanks to some good promo. I said to him, that this mixtape has become as official as “A Kid Named Cudi” for many of his fans. E-V agreed and added its helped bridge the gap between his mixtape and the debut album in August. It opened a lot of people to his newer music that many missed out on for the first part of 2009. The fact a well known company like BET picked this up and has listed it as a “Must Have Mixtape” says a lot to how many people its reached. Shouts to E-V for the work he put it in and to everyone who download it.

I’m glad we could help keep Cudi’s “Buzz” going. If you don’t have it yet head over to the mixtape page to dowbload it.


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