Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recap on the weekend....

3 City's 2 states...1 weekend...

Thursday i was at Sugar Bar in Columbus, nice b day party for my friend Dan aka The Super Sneaker!

Friday i was in Pittsburgh at Moto Again, another great party. Here r some pix and a quick video.

10pm MOTO!

only1130 (they start early in PA)


1245am (Pitt. Bball Team was rockin in VIP)

Short Video....(sorry i think its from a camera phone lol)

Then Saturday on my way back to Cleveland for The Ohio HipHop Awards, of course i got lost... after checking my blackberry map i was 45min north going to Erie, PA. (notgood)
so i turn around & got to the welcome to OHIO sign, not normally that happy to see that sign LOL.

I made it to the awards late, and the red carpet was empty, ya i was that late HA HA...

The show was ok, better then the 1st 2 years but.....
(reviews after the jump)

After Party at the View

Shout out to all those who filled my pockets with Promo cd's,
this was only 1/2 of them..


james said...

hey, you rocked moto friday.
when you coming back?

Anonymous said...

That award show was joke! All da shit was unorganized and da perfomances were WACK!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you coming to cincinnati this Friday? And pont.

DJ E-V said...

cinci Friday at cue

Jennifer said...

I wondered why you got to the awards so late... lol