Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's up world?

It's me, ScottyKash. A lot of you know me...a lot of you don't. Friends of mine always tell me that they get asked "Who is your boy Scotty?" "What does he do?" I even get people walkin up to me in the clubs sayin "I have heard your name before but who are you?" Shit makes me laugh. Well through my weekly postings here you will find out what it is I do and exaclty who I am.

You can also look forward to me getting you hip to newest/hottest clothing brands to hit the streets and also my Old School Joint Of The Week mp3. Those that already know me know my crazy twisted humor so be on the look for a touch of that. Those who I'm new to.....I don't even think your ready.
Big Ups to the homie E-V for asking me to bless the blog!

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