Wednesday, December 19, 2007

who is MempHitz?

He is responsible for the T-Pain radio takeover.

Jive Records VP of Urban A&R "Memphitz" shouts out Chip Tha Ripper.

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Anonymous said...

if he put his hand on k michell its sad why would she make that up and her suppose to be friends that didnt beleive her was never her friend and if he didnt beat the other women yet he will whats in the dark comes to the light people do shit behind close doors so ladies we all need to stick together

Anonymous said...

the crazy thing is these female mess with these rapper because of the lime lite or these men with all this money and they not happy they see the things that they can buy them and the life style these men can sleep with other women call them bitches and these women stay in the relationship and get dog out ladies get your own i know the life style looks good but its not worth it